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Data driven Efficiency

Identify your deficiencies & use data to drive change

Our methods focus on the root cause of the ineffeciencies, which allow us to work with our clients to formulate the most appropriate, efficient, and effective plan to correct the problem. We use data to determine root cause and drive thoughful improvements to systems. Continued use of data collection and analysis allows companies to continuously improve outcomes. 

Modern Systems

Leverage technology to collect data& improve outcomes

We understand how a change to data collection and use may seem uncomfortable for many companies at first. We have compiled a technical exerpertise in many widely used systems from Electronic Medical Record systems to database software. It’s not as scary as you may think to start collecting your own data and using it to drive change positive and effective change.

Strategic leadership

Building the teams needed for long term success 

We believe that both compliance and quality are the two pillars needed for long term success. It’s not enough to comply with regulations at the minimum level necessary. The best companies with the best outcomes follow consistent best practices. This begins with evaluating your needs, ensuring compliance with those needs, then implementing a continuous quality program. 


What We Can Do For You

9 Mitchell is a group of professionals with decades of combined experience in administrative, complaince, quality, risk management, streamlining, and evaluation systems. Although 9 Mitchell focuses on the healthcare industry, healthcare organizations are no different than any other business from an administrative perspective. The regulations may be more stringent in some ways; however, 9 Mitchell works to implement best practices with its clients. By implementing best practices, we can ensure long term compliance, continuous quality improvement, and the efficiency needed to sustain growth. 


We can help you develop, implement, and refine your compliance systems to set the foundation for stability and future growth. 

Quality Management

Once compliant, we help you implement quality data collection management systems to drive continuous performance improvement.


As you create performance improvement initiatives, we develop the most effective and efficient system to accomplish the goals.


We provide guidance and education to foster effective, successful leadership from organizational managers. 


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Pro Tip: We can help with many things, we do offer standard hourly, weekly, monthly, and project rates for our services; however, the list below are the most popular packages.

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